I am a Hawai'i girl. 28 year old housewife, stay at home mom, and full time student. Hubster's in the air force.
My life is hectic, stressful, and yet so boring at times.
This is my blog about the fun and not so fun times as a mommy and wifey.


15 weeks and Tired

I thought the tiredness was going to subside once the first trimester ended. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to be tired throughout their whole pregnancy. I never had one problem when i was pregnant with my first one. No nausea, no vomiting, no feeling sluggish and drugged. I know every pregnancy is different, but goodness! I got stuff to do!

13 weeks

Well 13 weeks tomorrow. I still can’t believe that I’m pregnant with our second kid. It’s been so long since we had a baby. Our daughter is already 5 years old. She can go to the bathroom by herself, wipe by herself, help me around the house, she goes to school, she has sleep overs. Goodness it’s like we’re starting all over again. I don’t care, this is our blessing, and I’m so excited to grow our family.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was like I lost friends. Nobody called me. Before I got pregnant, I was enjoying life by drinking almost every day and partying. I guess you realize who your true friends are when you get pregnant. Anyways, this time around, I was already expecting the same result. It started off the same, I was supposed to go out to celebrate my graduation. A friend asked if I was still going to go, I was like “yah, why not? It’s my graduation, I should celebrate that, not with alcohol but with a  good time with friends. She replied, “you’re not going to have any fun” I wanted to prove her wrong, but I got into a funk thinking the same thing is happening again, so I didn’t go. Instead, I let my daughter have her first sleep over, and that was actually more rewarding to me than going out.

Right when I thought the same thing was happening, other friends come out of the nowhere showing their excitement. I have weekly lunches with them, pedicures, and they still invite me to get togethers even though they know I won’t be drinking. I’m very lucky to have this one friend who is starting a project with me. Everything was her idea!! She got me a white board, and a pregnancy journal. Every week, I’m going to her house to take pictures of my baby bump, or what I call it, my LOVE bump. She’s doing this all for me! Who does that? A very good friend who is genuinely happy, and excited for me. Exactly what I needed right now. 

Anyways, any PREGNANT MAMAs out there who still get their fitness on, you can follow me on instagram! I’m a Beachbody coach, and I still use the programs to stay fit and strong during my pregnancy. Follow me! (ki2fitness) 

10 Reasons to Love Your Pregnant Body


(Image Source: irishexaminer.com)

By Chaunie Marie Brusie, R.N.

From bigger boobs to better sex, being pregnant is really pretty awesome. Here’s why you should celebrate your pregnant body, mama!

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Despite the nausea I love being pregnant!

All you mommies and pregnant mommies follow my instagram account! @ki2fitness

All you mommies and pregnant mommies follow my instagram account! @ki2fitness

Shakeology 30 Day Challenge

If you have been on the fence on trying Shakeology, what a better way to try it out and see all the benefits that Shakeology can offer. 
I am holding a 30-day challenge group starting May 12, 2014. 

1. Must purchase your shakeology bag directly from my website. 
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3. Along with taking shakeology once a day, must do some workout routine at least 5 times a week. (walking, jogging, Beachbody program…) 

There will be weigh-ins, and everything is done online on a private Facebook group. 


Does Pregnant Equal No Fun??

My daughter is almost 5 years old, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I got pregnant with my first child. Children are a blessing, and finding out you are pregnant is a joyous time. Before you get pregnant, you imagine everyone’s reaction. Your ideal reaction would be laughing, smiling, hugs, kisses, excitement, and just pure happiness. Well long story short everyone stopped calling me. I felt like I had no friends. I had no one to share my happiness with, besides my husband. 

My friend just recently texted me this: “When you get pregnant, people act as if you died”

Sounds harsh, but great way of explaining on how I felt. It was like I was only their friend because I could drink and party with them. Is that what friendship really is about?

One of my good friends are pregnant right now. Even though we would hang out drinking, we would still invite her. “But she’s not going to have fun”

Why does alcohol have to be apart of having fun with friends?

Because I went through that when I was pregnant with my daughter, I always say, you realize who your true friends are when you get pregnant. The ones who stick around NO MATTER WHAT, they are the keepers. 

I been hearing that a lot lately. “Are you still going to go out? You won’t have fun”