I am a Hawai'i girl. 28 year old housewife, stay at home mom, and full time student. Hubster's in the air force.
My life is hectic, stressful, and yet so boring at times.
This is my blog about the fun and not so fun times as a mommy and wifey.


Does Pregnant Equal No Fun??

My daughter is almost 5 years old, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I got pregnant with my first child. Children are a blessing, and finding out you are pregnant is a joyous time. Before you get pregnant, you imagine everyone’s reaction. Your ideal reaction would be laughing, smiling, hugs, kisses, excitement, and just pure happiness. Well long story short everyone stopped calling me. I felt like I had no friends. I had no one to share my happiness with, besides my husband. 

My friend just recently texted me this: “When you get pregnant, people act as if you died”

Sounds harsh, but great way of explaining on how I felt. It was like I was only their friend because I could drink and party with them. Is that what friendship really is about?

One of my good friends are pregnant right now. Even though we would hang out drinking, we would still invite her. “But she’s not going to have fun”

Why does alcohol have to be apart of having fun with friends?

Because I went through that when I was pregnant with my daughter, I always say, you realize who your true friends are when you get pregnant. The ones who stick around NO MATTER WHAT, they are the keepers. 

I been hearing that a lot lately. “Are you still going to go out? You won’t have fun”

So Many Playdates

I usually don’t socialize too much when I drop off and pick up my daughter at pre-school. I only talk to about two or three parents, and once in a while a dad will try to talk to me, but that’s about it. Anyways, Tuesday, I really had to rush home for the maintenance guys, so as soon as I got my daughter we practically ran to the car to get home. About 10 minutes after, I get a text from her friend’s mom saying her daughter was crying, because apparently my daughter invited her over to OUR house! Uh, news to me! Anyways, I felt bad because her daughter was crying and said she could come over. She stayed until after dinner. I don’t usually do playdates on school days, but ah, it kept my daughter busy.

Wednesday came, and same mom asked if they could have Kai over. I had dinner with friends that night, I texted my husband and asked if my daughter was home, and he said not yet, and that was after 7pm! I was thinking damn! I wish my parents let me stay at a friend’s house after 6 on a school night! Of corse, I had a hard time with bed time because my daughter was too hyped up.

Today is Thursday here in Okinawa. Bumped into the same mom at the post office and somehow we came to the decision to have her daughter over our house again today. Oh gosh, my daughter better realize how good she got it. When I was growing up, the only friends I could play with after school would be my neighbors, and I had to be in the house by 6pm. 

Oh well, it keeps my daughter busy while I get stuff done LOL

New Wordpress post is up! Follow me!!!

New Wordpress post is up! Follow me!!!

After CompTIA exam To Do List

So I’m a college graduate, but I started studying for the CompTIA A+ exam right away, so it still doesn’t feel like I graduated. I probably should have given myself a break before I started doing this. Anyways, my exam is in less than 2 weeks and I already have a list of things that I’ve been wanting to do but I never had the time for because of school. 

- Finish the 3 new books I already purchased and downloaded onto my Kindle Fire.

- Catch up with Glee

- Catch up with Pretty Little Liars

- Catch up with How I Met Your Mother

- Watch “Across the Universe” all the way through

- Start a new sewing project ( I made a bag for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday, and now I want to make everything LOL)

- Start a new picture project for our home

I also registered to be a Red Cross volunteer, so hopefully I can get at least half to these done before they need me hehe. 

Currently trying for a second child, and I’m on a mission to get pregnant by the end of this month LOL Whew! so many goals this year hahaha



Extremely personal piece. Doesn’t really need that much explanation.

*apologies if it turns up pixelated, just click the picture for a full res. view

Oh look its me!

Looks about right

Why Am I Always Busy?

I graduated from college in December. Now, I’m studying for my computer tech exam that’s coming up in March. I know I should have just took a break, because I feel like I didn’t even graduate yet. 

On top of that, I’m planning my friend’s baby shower. I don’t want it to be lame or half-ass, so I’m putting all my effort into this shower. Two years ago, she threw me a bomb ass surprise birthday party. My husband helped, but he always says, “it was all her”. She did everything. I guess in a way, I want to repay her. 

On top of that, my band is writing original songs. Our goal is to make enough songs to put on a CD so we can take with us as memories when everyone PCS’s. Anyways, I only wrote half a song, because I’m too busy studying or planning the shower. I skipped last week’s practice because they were going over some originals, that I’m not even in, and because I never finished writing my song, I knew I was just going to be there twiddling my fingers. I just wrote them an email on how busy I was and how I’m skipping practice yet AGAIN. Pretty soon, people are going to think I’m not even that band anymore.

I know I’m only busy because I made it that way. I just have so much ambitions and goals and I feel like I need to get them all done before I have another baby. Aaaaahhhhhhh

Anyways, I’m enjoying my caramel macchiato in my new Starbucks Sakura tumbler. I’m wasting time on here when I should be studying LOL

Stopped by the coffee shop on base after I dropped off my daughter at school. I woke up at 540 this morning so I could fit in a morning run before my husband left for work. Right before I had to take my daughter to school, I realized I was falling asleep! No time for naps today, I have lots to study!!!

Stopped by the coffee shop on base after I dropped off my daughter at school. I woke up at 540 this morning so I could fit in a morning run before my husband left for work. Right before I had to take my daughter to school, I realized I was falling asleep! No time for naps today, I have lots to study!!!

Random Lady at Brunch

We were at brunch yesterday. My daughter had to go to the bathroom, so we went. As she’s washing her hands, some random lady comes out of the stall and makes me jump when she says out loud, “OMG!” I look at her in the mirror and she says “your daughter is sooooo beautiful! Just beautiful! She looks like she belongs on TV!!” 

I politely said thank you and smiled. I thought it was kind of awkward, but at least it was a compliment LOL