I am a Hawai'i girl. 30 year old housewife, stay at home mom, college graduate, and Red Cross volunteer. Hubster's in the air force. My life is hectic, stressful, and yet so boring at times.This is my blog about the fun and not so fun times as a mommy and wifey.


Good night Kai

My daughter is usually a happy, excited, hyper child. But lately, it seems like her hyper-ness doubles once the sun goes down. Goodness, this girl needs to learn how to calm down once it’s dark out. 

She was on a roll tonight. Words cannot describe how hyper she can get. My neighbor came over to talk for a bit, and she was running all over the place, being loud and all that good stuff. I don’t even know how much times I had to say “Please calm down, Kai, it’s night time”. She does apologize afterwards and calms down, but it doesn’t last long.

Well I guess all that energy burned her out, because she fell asleep earlier than usual LOL


The current obstacle we are now going through is being polite. She’ll say “please” and “thank you”. But then there are times when she sounds so demanding and just like a total brat. Before reading “ScreamFree Parenting” I normally would immediately yell at her. Now, I’m learning how to deal with these situations calmly and still explain to her why it was wrong or right. My husband, on the other hand, still needs a little work with his freak outs. Just today, he totally flipped out when my daughter demanded orange juice like the brat that she is. Instead of scolding her calmly, he just yelled really loud, which even made me jump, and didn’t even explain or talked her down, and never got up to get her juice.

Instead of lecturing him on his parenting skills, because I hate when other parents do that to me, I just lead by example.

When my daughter asks for things in a demanding way, I just say calmly that I won’t do her request because she did not ask me nicely. Then, my daughter goes on to say “May I please have …” because I taught her that. It’s still a work in progress, but at least she’s getting the concept of what is nice and what’s not. 

I admit though, it does upset me a lot when after many times of me teaching her the polite way for asking things, she still continues with the demanding ways like “Get me juice!” or “Open this for me!” and she says it with a really bratty tone. Most times, all I want to do is just yell really loud at her, but I’m surprisingly keeping me cool. I just take a deep breath, and talk to her calmly. I’m proud of myself! 

The New Us

I know this is not motherhood-related, but I just thought I’d share anyways. I’m not sure if you read my recent post on wordpress: http://kianafromhawaii.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/goodbye-negativity/

Basically, I’m done, and saying goodbye to negativity in my life. I finally had a talk with my husband and told him how I felt and how I wanted to change how I lived my life. I want to be happier. I want to stop hating on people. I want to stop being mean to people, and start living positive. I told him how I’m not liking how he’s always mad at someone, or how he’s always mad at strangers. Long story short, he heard me, and he told me he’s sorry and that he’ll try his best. I admit, he did get a lot better from when I first met him.

I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know what came of this new life change, but I’m ready for this change. Here’s to the new us!

Mama Bizness

Everything has been improving. 

My daughter is still waking up in the middle of the night to come cuddle with me in bed, but we’re still working on it. I am not giving up, because I know if I give in, I’m only making myself start over again.

A bunch of posts back, I mentioned how my daughter was having a hard time with friends. Things are so much better now. Now, we have only the one kid who is also 4 years old, come over to play. So it’s been nice not having all the kids here plotting against her.

I just started recently hanging out with a new group of friends. They are mostly the wives of the guys who are in the same clothing business as my husband. Anyways, my daughter has been really getting a long with those group of kids too. I never had one incident with them yet, and nobody is mean to her, so I’m loving it. We often have playdates, so it’s nice that my daughter has kids to play with. 

Now, the thing that we need to work on is my daughter’s listening skills. Gosh, I swear she’s only deaf when I’m trying to talk to her. I’m finally trying to finish “ScreamFree Parenting” on my kindle. It’s actually good information. Hopefully it will actually help me become a ScreamFree parent.

Other shenanigans in my life: kianafromhawaii.wordpress.com

Break Time!

I just turned in my last final exam for spring semester! I am registered for summer classes, but I do have a mini break in between, so now it’s time to celebrate! I’m going to take advantage of this break and make every beautiful day count. I’m going to spend so much time with my daughter and I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. 

I have my mama-san coming over tomorrow. She doesn’t like to be bothered when she cleans the house, so I’m going to take her to the park if it’s a nice day, or to Mihama play park if it’s raining. I can’t wait! 

Step Back

Ok, so we took a step back in our “sleeping in her own room” journey. In my previous post, I mentioned that she had slept in her room all night, and didn’t crawl into my bed until after 7am. I didn’t get my hopes up last night, because I knew it was too good to be true for her to do that two nights in a row. I remember when we were potty training. She would be so good for a few days, then pee her pants out of nowhere. I know with any journey there are obstacles. 

Anyway, so she slept in her room until 330am. A big step way back from the last night. Which is fine. I wasn’t upset about it, because I knew it was coming. Hopefully tonight will be another good night. I will be happy if it’s even until 5am. 

Yay! Finally!

We might take a step back after this, but I don’t care, I’m still celebrating! My baby girl finally slept in her own bed for the whole entire night! Usually she sleeps in her room until about 3 or 4am, then comes climbing back into my bed.

I heard my husband wake up for work, and when I opened my eyes I was surprised to not see my daughter next to me. Then when my husband came in the room to kiss me goodbye, I was even more surprised to see that she’s still not in the bed with me. I sure took advantage and took up the whole bed! 

A little after 7am, I heard her come into the room. I was so proud of her!! She might not sleep the whole night today, but at least we’re making progress =)

Headache, No Fever

This morning, my daughter woke up crying of a headache. She didn’t have a fever nor did she display any other symptoms, so I just gave her tylenol, and she went right back to sleep. She woke up around 11am saying it still hurt, but she feels a little better. I assumed she was dehydrated or something so kept pushing her to drink water. 

She had lunch, stayed on the couch for a few hours, watching TV, and now she’s next to me playing on the iPad. She said she feels much better now. 

So weird, she went from crying in pain all morning, to my normal little rascal girl.

Making the move

From Blogger to Wordpress. Importing my posts from blogger to Wordpress as I type. I love that Wordpress has an easy importer like that, so I don’t have to worry about losing all my posts, especially the posts about my daughter.Anyways, I’m in the process of getting my blog up and running, but if you have Wordpress, follow me: kianafromhawaii. I use this tumblr mostly about mommy stuff. Wordpress is about my whole life lol